[mrtg-announce] ANNOUNCE: mrtg 2.9.5

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Tue Dec 12 18:25:02 MET 2000


I have packaged mrtg 2.9.5 ... it is available on

This is mostly aq bugfix release, but some changes are there all
the same. Especially the code for threshold checking has been
rewritten ... it should function equivalently to the old code but
then again you never know ... Have fun and a merry xmas ...


Changes 2.9.5
From: Jakob Ilves <jakob.ilves at oracle.com>
 * rewrote  --ifdesc in cfgmaker ... there are many more options

From: O'Shaughnessy Evans <oevans at acm.org>
 * fixes for cfgmaker (--help, --noreversedns and version param)
 * fixes for indexmaker (--help, --version, added man info on

From:  Do Jong Gwan <daker at metri.re.kr>
 * rules for activating threshold checking were not ideal ...
   (often it did not get activated when it should)

From: Tobi
 * removed extra space in hrefs in indexmaker pages
 * make configure catch missing gd.h
 * make sure no two mrtg daemons run on the same cfg file in parallel.
 * proper exit values for cfgmaker and indexmaker
 * rewrote threshold checking to be more perlish
 * thresholds can now be specified in % of maxbytes to activate this,
   they must end in '%'

From: Tobi & Luiz Encarnacao <lfencarnacao at hotmail.com>
 * All translations had bad formating in the credit line (extra
   font and td tags)

From: Justin Schoonover <JustinS at dis-corp.com>
 * Make Rateup honour the yticsf properly

From: Tobi
 * Removed 14all.cgi from the contrib section and replaced by a pointer
   to Rainers website. This ensures that people get the current version
   and not some outdated code from my contrib archive.

From: Curtis Doty <Curtis at GreenKey.net>
 * add refresh and expiery to indexmaker pages
 * fix rateup.c to honor weekformat when drawing grid lines "Format U"

From: Tobi & Mac Daddy <macdaddy at vinnie.ksu.ksu.edu>
 * New BodyTag configurable lets you customize the webpages <body ..> tag

From: Alex <alex at nac.net> and Tobi
 * fix for external data sources sending "" as response breaking
   the logfile problem

From: Hubert Figuiere <hfiguiere at teaser.fr>
 * Support for MAC OS X

From: Simon Leinen
 * Update to SNMP Session 0.81

From: Bernard Martinet <Bernard.Martinet at grenet.fr>
 * Fix for parsing of 'by name' matchin target parser ...

From: Miroslaw.Maczka at bze.com.pl
 * update to nt-service

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