[mrtg-announce] ANNOUNCE: mrtg-2.8.11

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Wed Jan 19 23:34:32 MET 2000


For those of you who just love updates here is good news .. the first post
y2k mrtg release ... 

As usual you can download it from ee-staff.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/mrtg
a number of mirrors have already picked up the latest version ...

Probably the most significant new feature of the Daemon mode which allows
mrtg to be run as a background process without cron ... especially the NT
folks might love that ... this is also a performance gain as you save
reloading the cfg file on each start ...


Changes 2.8.11 (2000/01/17)
From: Lucas <Lucas at Kewl.Org>
 - it is RunAsDaemon and not RunAsDeamon

Changes 2.8.10 (2000/01/16)
From: Rainer.Bawidamann at informatik.uni-ulm.de
 - update for rrdtool integration 14all.cgi to 0.16
From: Morten S. Nielsen <msn at ipt.dtu.dk>
 - updated danish translation
From: Francois Wolmarans <fwo at obsidian.co.za>
 - have cfgmaker put specific comments into the mrtg.cfg file
   regarding the reason for droping a certain interface ..
From: Krister Karlsson <krister.karlsson at enator.se>
 - Added RunAsDeamon mode. Start mrtg only once. No Cron necessary.
From: Ronald Florence <ron at 18james.com>
 - linux ip-filter integration in contrib
From: Iulian Radu <iulian_r at starnets.ro>
 - version 2.2 of mrtgmk in contrib
From: LLuís Gras <lluis at seccat.com>
 - catalan locales
From: John Line <webadm at info.cam.ac.uk>
 - rateup.c fix for kMG override bug
From: John Line <webadm at info.cam.ac.uk>
 - allow to set ShortLegend to ''
From: Tobi
 - better parsing of PageTop with intexmakers -P option
From: Ruben Cheng <rcheng at saira.postgrado.uc.edu.ve>
 - fix for spanish translation (uptime had some probmlems)
From: Markley P. Dykeman <mdykeman at micron.net>
 - contrib: switchmaker produces mrtg cfg files for Cisco Catylst 5XXX
From: Tobi
 - made sure -lm comes last when linking ...
From: Tobi + Ben <ben at hotwired.com>
 - converted remaining gifs to png
From: Tobi + Mike Lawrie <mlawrie at apies.frd.ac.za>                                                                   
 - make sure AbsMax is not smaller than MaxBytes
From: Halldor.Hognason at islandssimi.is                                                  
 - translation to icelandic
From: Fuminori Uematsu <uematsu at kgz.com>
 - added japanese translations for ISO-2022-JP and EUC-JP
From: ozgurcd at koc.net
 - added turkish translation

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