[mrtg-announce] ANNOUCNE: mrtg-2.9.3

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Fri Oct 27 01:09:36 MEST 2000


I got a number of contribs and fixed a few bad bugs, so I thought
you may as well have a new release of mrtg today.

Most notably the forking code should really work now
(how many times more am I going to say this ?)

Other features include a host of detail changes by a number of
friendly contributors ... please find the list below ... For the
patches which did not make it and the features I have not added,
please be patient ... maybe in 2.9.4 ... the things are still
on my stack.

to be downloaded as usual from

tobi (exhausted after slaving the night away hacking mrtg)

PS: For the next few weeks my net access will be be very limited so
    do not expect quick answers .. (the start of my offline-ness
    will be a 5 day trip to san jose which I will start in a few
 ______    __   _
/_  __/_  / /  (_) Oetiker, Timelord & SysMgr @ EE-Dept ETH-Zurich
 / // _ \/ _ \/ / TEL: +41(0)1-6325286  FAX:...1517  ICQ: 10419518 
/_/ \.__/_.__/_/ oetiker at ee.ethz.ch http://ee-staff.ethz.ch/~oetiker

From: Andrew Farrior <afarrior at king.vc.cc.tx.us>                                               
 + teach cfgmaker about catalyst port names                                                    
From: O'Shaughnessy Evans <oevans at acm.org>                                                     
 + cfgmaker will now add a SetEnv line to each router config block                             
 * improved cfgmaker docu spelling                                                             
 + indexmaker change --section=descr so that it doesn't include the basic                      
    interface description unless it doesn't have a Cisco description                           
    to use; adds/docs a new option, --show=none, which disables
    inclusion of any graph in the index page                                                                
From: Kevin Benton <s1kevin at sotatech.net>                                                      
 + contrib gentcucci                                                                           
From: Matija Grabnar <matija.grabnar at arnes.si>                                                 
 + teach log2rrd to honour perhour and perminute options                                       
From: Dan Harkless <mrtg at dilvish.speed.net>                                                    
 + made cfgmakers --subdirs option way more flexible                                           
From: Yo <dgb97 at yahoo.com>                                                                     
 + tranlation into galician                                                                    
From: Dimitrios Stergiou <dste at intranet.gr>                                                    
 + contrib procmem ... cisco cpu monitoring                                                    
From: Jeff Liebermann <jeffl at comix.santa-cruz.ca.us>                                           
 * fixed @dddd[] structures in gb2312.pmd                                                      
From: John Begley <maslow at mediaone.net>                                                        
 * CEF subinterfaces are not 'graphable' (cfgmaker)                                            
From: Tobi                                                                                     
 * forking code revisited again ... missed closing a handle                                    
   which was wrecking havoc on log files                                                       
   on certain OSes. No idea how this could happen but it did ...                               
 * fix for complex target parser in conection with escaped characters                          
 * updated the reference doc description of absolute and gauge to be more concise              
 * check is RunAsDeamon is set to yes                                                          
 + cfgmaker option --noreversedns                                                              
 + add options --user and --group to mrtg script to allow setting user and group               
   when starting mrtg as a daemon 
   from init.d (idea from Dan Harkless <mrtg at dilvish.speed.net>)                                                                                              
From: Francis VIVAT <francis.vivat at cetp.ipsl.fr>                                               
 * add start command line to runasdaemon section of nt-guide                                   
From: Chris Pepper <pepper at mail.reppep.com>                                                    
 * about 1000 spell fixes for the mrtg docu                                                    
From: Dan Harkless <mrtg at dilvish.speed.net>                                                    
 * spell fix for MRTG_lib.pm again ...                                                         

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