[mrtg-announce] ANNOUCNE mrtg-2.9.18

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Fri May 31 08:55:10 MEST 2002


I have released mrtg-2.9.18 you can get it from


CHANGES since 2.9.18pre12
From: Tobi
* make router_connect work with host_templates too

CHANGES since 2.9.17

From: Herold Heiko <Heiko.Herold at previnet.it>
 * --sectionhost option for indexmaker
 * feature update for indexmaker

From: Tobi
 * some more casts in rateup.c to make things work right
   when printing time values ...
 * make warnings for targets realy work
 * handle faild snmp queries more gracefully.
 * make sure inlast and outlast never go negative if rateup is used
 * Fixing documentation on SetEnv
 * deal the mrtg-rrd returning nan for last update
 * complain if workdir has spaces in path on windows
 * properly test for thresholds with % at the end
 * detect failing rateup
 * make cfgmaker really work with snmpv2 and test properly if
   snmpv2 is supported or not using ifHighSpeed
 * make translation system simpler ... by using eval
 * try to be even smarter about spaces and odd characters in
   rateup calling sequence under NT ...
 * fix cfgmaker tests for snmp v2 counters ... make sure they work
   before using them in the cfg file
 * make mrtg work if it installed in c:/program files
 * make sure failing external commands do not produce warnings in the code
   except where I want them.
 * fixed up various warnings which occurred throughout
   the code because of the introduction of -w
 * if inlast or outlast are undefined, skip update unless rrdtool is used
 * added -w to perl line in mrtg ... this should give us warnings about
   potential problems in the code ... everybody will now start complaining.
   fixed the most obvious issues already. As a side effect the code
   should work with perl 5.003 again.
 * mrtg: add warning to lockit code when mrtg thinks that
   the user is running mrtg from two cron entries simultaneously
   on the same config file.
 * rateup: force rateup to compile static ... try realy hard :-)
 * data cleanup ... if a value is unknown, then it is set to 'undef'
 * more robust 'error' handling for strange target return values
 * When reading back the html file only looked at the first 40
   lines and thus ignored 5 values off the statistics on the last graph
 * Updated unix install instr to latest library versions
 * allow handling of rrd conversion for 'strange' filenames ...
 * added avgpeak option ... for ISPs who like this for billing ...
   (paid for by Advances.Com, Inc.)
 * cfgmaker should not comment out DS3 interfaces on non Cisco Gear

From: Peter K <peterk at inorbit.com>
 * kill warnings in rateup :-)
From: "Jones, Derek C." <dcjones at GAPAC.com>
 * cfgmaker new if-filter ... if_is_wan
From: CHOI Junho <cjh at kr.FreeBSD.org>
 * fixes for korean translation
From: Jussi Siponen <jussi.siponen at posiona.com>
 * finish translation
From: Ian Duplisse <i.duplisse at cablelabs.com>
 * using kilo is not sensible everywhere in rateup as long as
   there are still pow and log10 instances there.
From: Delev Zoran <delevz at esmak.com.mk>
 * translation to macedionan
From: Adrian Senn <adrian at senn.ch>
 * drop . from the end of hostnames in cfgmaker
From: Sergiy Guminilovych <gray at arte-fact.net>
 * improved Ukrainian translation
From: Systems Administrator <sysadmin at sunet.com.au>
 * we also are using squid if the OID matches enterprises.3495
From: yoshimoto <enolagay at nifty.com>
 * Patch for YTics Factor Problem in rateup ...
   YTics Should work properly now ...
From: David Lee <t.d.lee at durham.ac.uk>
 * allow ../configure to work ...
From: Klemens Kasemaa <klem at estpak.ee>
 * estonian translation
From: dima at Chg.RU
 * Updated Russian translation
From: Amir Guindehi <amir at datacore.ch>
 * added missing prefix to flastmod in indexmaker
From: Olexander Kunytsa <kunia at x-telecom.net>
 * updated ukranian translation
From: Simon Leinen and Mike Mitchell <Mike.Mitchell at sas.com>
 * update to SNMP_Session 0.92
From: "MORI, Takahiro" <mori at chan.to>
 * yticsfactor was not considered when building ylab in rateup.c
   atted *yticsf to line 668 of the code
From: "Leitch, Roger (CRTLDN)" <Roger.Leitch at concert.com>
 * fix for withzeros option ... this did not work before
From: Roman Festchook <roma at polesye.net>
 * translation file for mrtg to ukrainian language

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