[mrtg-announce] mrtg 2.9.26 (64bit) is out

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Sun Nov 17 23:26:30 MET 2002

Dear People,

Another release of MRTG


* long long aka 64bit integer support in the logfiles
  so you can now track this df output without any further ado ...

(I have tested this on Solaris ... it should work here, but before
 you upgrade, backup your precious data and make sure it works the
 why you are used to ... but you have been doing this all the time,
 so what am I talking) ..

* make rateup compile on MacOS X again

and many more ...

Get it from http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/mrtg/pub

This release is dedicated to Somix Technology for their
continuing stream of DVDs ... Thank You ...

Yours Tobi

Changes 2.9.26
From: André Silveira <ASilveira at multirede.com.br>
* with thresholds ... have two decimals in % mode
* give threshdesc and value as ar 4 and 5 of called threshprog

From: Pietro Falessi <falessi at uniroma3.it>
* propperly ignore signal 127 on UNIX

From: Leon Chang <leon.c at staff.ihug.co.nz>
* make cfgmaker foundry aware

From: "Jones, Derek C." <dcjones at GAPAC.com>
* ds3 (30) and sonet (39) are wan interface types too
  added them to the $if_is_wan group in cfgmaker

From: Tobi
* don't give up too quickly if a confcache setup entry does not match ...
* make rateup.c (64bit) work on macos x
* debug 64bit rateup ...

From: Michael C. Haller <michael at cilly.com>
* drop special MacOS X includes they are harmful on 10.2. Use bsd approach

From: Emilio Mena (emilio at satec.es)
* use long long in log files to enable logging of FAST links
  long long = 64 bit integers

From: Fernando Nieto <fnieto at satec.es>
* make cfgmaker support ifHighSpeed propperly and teach it
  about Juniper

From: "Davids, Ronald" <Ronald.Davids at Essent.nl>
* make output of cfgmaker such that indexmaker will sort propperly

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