[mrtg-announce] ANNOUNCE mrtg-2.9.25

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Sat Oct 19 11:11:12 MEST 2002


I guess its time to announce the new version of mrtg ...
You can get it from



Changes 2.9.25
From: Tobi
* die gracefully when LANG is set to UTF-8 and give advice (RedHat8)
* updated squid monitoring example

Changes 2.9.24
From: Tobi
* Fixed indexmaker which got truncated during the last release process

Changes 2.9.23
From: John Papandriopoulos <jpap at users.sourceforge.net>
* cosmetic tweaks for layout

From: Tobi
* Use Snmp Session 0.93 with option avoid_negative_request_ids
* Supress Posix Locales in the locale module ... people who have
  LANG set to UTF-8 report very strange errors otherwhise.
* skip all queries to a host for one round when 1 query has
  returned undef.
* skip all trailing space in keys when matching interface by Name,
  Description, Anything

From: Francois Wolmarans <fwo at obsidian.co.za>
* remove <br> before <hr> near pagetop

From: Jeremy Hinton <jgh at visi.net>
* make Includes search in directory of main config files as well as
  in current directory

From: Quip <quip at quip.cz>
* addhead option for indexmaker

From: hw <hw at ksue.edu.ua>
* fix for uptime for squid and other non standard devices

From: Norbert.Klasen at avinci.de
* indexmaker: improve handling of urls given with --rrdviewer

From: webmaster at kingisme.com
* improved chinese translation

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