[mrtg-announce] announce mrtg 2.9.29

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Sat Apr 12 13:57:55 MEST 2003


I have just released mrtg 2.9.29. Below are the Chages. I guess I
have not announced 2.9.28 as well, so these changes are there too.
You can get the latest release from:


Changes 2.9.29
From: Tobi
* allow external scripts to return UNKNOWN
* fixed SnmpOptions setting
* improved skipping of dead hosts (do not confused with 'dead' interfaces)

Changes 2.9.28
From: jackie <jackie at pub.dgnet.gd.cn>
* fix charset in gb2312

From: Jan Kasprzak <kas at informatics.muni.cz>
* small fix for BER.pm. Sent upstream to Simon too.

From: Andreas Plesner Jacobsen <apj at mutt.dk>
* make sure ifdescr does not display doubly exscaped descriptions

From: Colin Horsington <chorsington at flow.com.au>
* foundry ATM subinterfaces always report 0 speed, make it 155Mbps instead.

From: Tobi
* skip hosts which do not resolve to an IP address
* removed --descint option form cfgmaker this did only exist in the docs
* added support for config.h and test for __strtoll which will make reatup
  work on HPUX
* make maxbytes2 line reappear
* update compile instructions
* fix ifref escaping in cfgmaker

From: Fernando Nieto <fnieto at satec.es>
* make cfgmaker handle highspeed interface speed better

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