[mrtg-announce] mrtg-rrd.cgi 0.6 released

Jan Kasprzak kas at informatics.muni.cz
Fri Mar 14 14:52:37 MET 2003

	Hello, all!

	I've just released the new version of mrtg-rrd.cgi.
You can get it from the project homepage:


Mrtg-rrd.cgi is a CGI/FastCGI script for displaying MRTG graphs
from data in the RRDtool format. It can make your monitoring system
faster because MRTG does not have to generate all the PNG files with
graphs every 5 minutes or so. Instead of this the graphs are generated
on-demand when the user wants to see them.

The main goal of this project is to generate the output similar to the
MRTG native graphs as much as possible, providing the drop-in
replacement to the MRTG-generated graphs. It reads the same
configuration file as MRTG does, and it can understand most of the
directive types in this configuration file. It can display single graph
pages as well as the directory indexes referring to more graphs or

It is similar to 14all.cgi, but it tries to be MRTG-compatible
as much as possible both in configuration and in its output.


-Jan "Yenya" Kasprzak

ChangeLog since the last release (0.5):

* Fri Mar 14 14:39:16 CET 2003
	Bumped the version number to 0.6.
	Fixed some spelling mistakes in FAQ and TODO.
	More known bugs/mis-features added to TODO.

* Wed Mar 12 17:05:53 CET 2003
	Fixed the hard-coded "5 Minute" legend in the daly graph
		(in fact it should be based on the Interval: setting).
		Thanks to Vincent Aniello for reporting this.
	The Interval: parameter is in minutes, not in seconds
		(as opposed from the Refresh: parameter).
	Requires Perl 5.8.0 because of the sprintf() handling.
	Accepts tabs and other whitespace characters at the beginning of
		line, and before and after the ":" sign in the directive.
	Reworked handling of [^], [_], and [$] - now it uses [_]
		when no [target] is set and all of [^], [_] and [$] is set,
		and [^][target][$] otherwise.
		Bug reported by Alejandro Marco.
	Reworked handling of Options[^], [_], and [$]. When no Options[target]
		is set, all of Options[^], [_], and [$] apply. When Options[target]
		is set, the Options[^], Options[target], and Options[$] apply.
		I've try to verify this against MRTG, but its handling of
		these cases seems to be a bit erratic. Sent a question to the
		mrtg list, we'll se what reply I get.
	Added $imagetype configuration variable so that GIF images can be
		used instead of PNG.

* Wed Oct 30 14:08:46 CET 2002
	Fixed the "%.1lf" format string (does not work on 5.8.0).

* Wed Apr 14 18:51:52 CEST 2002
	Fixed the shallow copy of the [_] default values of the "options" hash.
	Fix by Daniel Drown.

* Wed Apr 10 14:24:06 CEST 2002
	The X axis labels on the -day graph looks similar to the original
	MRTG (i.e., labels every 2 hours instead of every 6th hour).
	Suggested by Glen Gold.

* Mon Feb 25 16:08:18 CET 2002
	Fixed the ugly bug with Refresh handling in leaf subdirectories.

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