[mrtg-announce] ANNOUNCE: mrtg-2.10.6

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Sat Nov 29 17:25:18 MET 2003


I have released mrtg 2.10.6.

As usual, you can find it on

In this realese you find the following changes:

Changes 2.10.6
From: Dave Plonka <plonka at doit.wisc.edu>
* modified fork code to use select to determine if data is ready to be read

From: Philipp Capoy <pcapoy at diversenet.com>
* teach cfgmaker about  Nokia IPSO

From: Richard Bullington-McGuire <rbulling at obscure.org>
* pseudo entry for his contributions which somehow got lost from
  the changes file. Early in 2.0 history (1996) Richard
  * Perl code strictification (it now runs with "use strict;")
  * Makefile for rateup
  * rateup debugging
  * Perl code cleanup
  Sorry for that.

From: Klaus Schmidinger <Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de>
* fix rounding error with YTicsFactor in ratuep (nmax_q is double)

From: Mike Mitchell <Mike.Mitchell at sas.com>
* fix for generation of non negative request ids
  in SNMP_Session.pm

From: Alex Samorukov <samm at os2.ru>
* updated OS/2 portability ...RunAsDaemon works now

From: Stephen Heise <stephen at streetprices.com>
* fix for lockfile management when two instances run in parallel

From: Rafael Martinez Torres <rafael.martinez at novagnet.com>
* updated docs and snmp_session to be comaptible with INET6-2.00

From: Tobi
* fix command line option description in reference and mrtg
* Updated to SNMP Session 0.99
* fixed handling of dead host for cases where ip matching is involved
* Fixed table structure generated by indexmaker
* Change Doctype to HTML 4.01 Transitional, so that font face becomes legal
* fix pngtitle alignement for growright option.
* Restart after HUP, but terminate for INT and TERM
* fix handling of ' ' in community names
* make rounding work even without BigFloat
* allow BigFloat only in perl 5.8 and later
* added new oid hacks ... PseudoOne and PseudoZero ... they return the respective number.
* make threshold handling deal gracefuly with missing thershold descript
* fixed portability to hpux (setsid)
* make sure snmpoptions are passed everywhere
* run rateup with unknown values ... as we used to in the good old days.
  unknown as zero would not make much sense otherwhise


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