[mrtg-announce] mrtg 2.10.14

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Tue Jun 8 23:10:47 MEST 2004


I have put mrtg 2.10.14 out ... available from



Changes 2.10.14
From: Michael P. Soulier <michael_soulier at mitel.com>
* new option subtitle for indexmaker

From: Lech Szychowski <lech.szychowski at pse.pl>
* added new options for printing date inside the graph:
  TimeStrPos[] and TimeStrFmt[]

From: Joshua Nichols <nichoj at scorec.rpi.edu>
* teach Makefile about DESTDIR

From: Tobi
* do not try to populate the confcache off a dead hosts ...

From: Mike Mitchell <mcm at unx.sas.com>
* fix indexmaker when used with 14all

From: Norm <normw at bocnet.com.au>
* make mrtg work on netware

From: Fuminori Uematsu <uematsu at kgz.com>
* updated japanese translation

From: Ladislav Mihok <starman at inmail.sk>
* fixed encoding for slovak translation

From:  Hal Dell <hdell at epodworks.net>
* added 3com RMON VLAN detection to cfgmaker

From: Michael_Soulier at Mitel.com
* added --headeradd option to indexmaker

From: Simon Leinen <simon at switch.ch>
* updated SMNP_Session to 1.03

From: Quentin Dunchue <que at qnr.biz>
* added host anchor in indexmaker
* fixed $default filter in cfgmaker to not include everything

From:  ¶ÀªF¶© <ryan at asplord.com>
* updates for chinese big5 translation

From: Klaus Schmidinger <Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de>
* fix for ytics with small values in rateup

From: "Peter Wirdemo (MO/EMW)" <peter.wirdemo at ericsson.com>
* enhance cfgmaker for extremenetworks

From: Tobi and Bernd Drefs <drefs at gmx.de>
* fix hairy issue with description matching in indexmaker (add

From: Kenji <kenji at club.h14m.org>
* make thresholds work when maxbytes1 and maxbytes2 are in use ...

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