[mrtg-developers] Announce mrtg-2.9.0pre7

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Wed Aug 2 01:43:40 MEST 2000


The last 5 days of my holidays I have spent working on mrtg ... the
result is available at mrtg-2.9.0pre7 (YES this is BETA!!!!) *)

This is probably the most significant update in 3 years ...
Large parts of the system have been rewritten from scratch and all
the documentation has been redone.

You can get this BETA (!!!!) from 


Note that I am not sure if the rateup.exe included with the
NT version realy works ... I have no NT to test this on.

Please send feedback ...

and note the all new MRTG website on


But see for yourself:

Changes 2.9.0pre7
From: Rainer Bawidamann <Rainer.Bawidamann at rz.uni-ulm.de>
 - contrib / version 1.0p16 of 14all.cgi

From: Benoit Artuso <benoit at proxad.net>
 - images did not get generated in the correct place with the
'directory' option

From: Tobi
 - converted all documentation to pod format and added several new
   chapters ...

 - created new mrtg homepage which links all available
   documentation online

 - created new installation guides for unix and nt

 - complete overhaul of the target parser (NOTE: it is NOT
   a horrible Hack any more ... look at the code (tobi is proud)

 - along with the target parser I also replaced all the snmpget

 - calling Interfaces by ifNumber, Ethernet Address, IP Number or
   Description are all neatly integrated in the code. No more
   Horrible Hacks. Along with data polling, the Interface nubmers
   get double checked. If a reconfiguration occures, mrtg
   automatically gets the new configuration from the router.

 - MRTG does *NOT* notice config changes on Interface Numbers
   anymore.  This means if you have devices which change interface
   numbering do not call the interfaces into the mrtg.cfg by number
   but rather by Description or by Ip.

 - added new debug facility to mrtg. Different debug levels can now
   be called by name. Check the beginning of the script.

 - when using rrdtool, mrtg now also deals with *UNKNOWN* and non
   integer values.

 - extracted some functionality of mrtg into an external module
   called MRTG_lib.pm. This module is now used by cfgmaker and
   indexmaker.  For indexmaker this means that it uses the same cfg
   parsing engine as mrtg proper.

 - over all about 30% of mrtg got replaced by brand new and rather
   clean code.

 - complete rewrite of cfgmaker ... try cfgmaker --help for
   instructions cfgmaker can now produce config files with
   interface identification by Number, Ip, Description and Ethernet

 - complete rewrite of indexmaker ... the old code was broken
   beyond reason.  options are different in the new indexmaker. Use
   indexmaker --help for help.

 - added RRDs detection to configure script (--with-RRDs can be
   used to
   set a path explicitly

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/_/ \.__/_.__/_/ oetiker at ee.ethz.ch http://ee-staff.ethz.ch/~oetiker

*) tobi is running out of DVDs and CDs to listen to ... 

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