[mrtg-developers] Re: mrtg 3 ... a mockup cfg file

Henry Steinhauer H1STEINH at hewitt.com
Mon May 1 00:02:33 MEST 2000

Tobias -

One of the thoughts that I have had on the entire SNMP Polling process is the

1 - Possible to use SNMP-V3 for security
2 - Possible to use the Bulk read functions ?
3 - Possible to grab a whole set of OIDs rather than one at a time.

Why ?

If have seen that for some of the switches that I monitor that the SNMP
processing to report the information takes a long time.  This is true even if
there is one interface to return or a set of interfaces.  Using the bulk read
would allow you to gather a whole set of read/write interfaces at the same time
with one packet. Thus cutting down on the overhead as well as the impact on the
switch to provide the information.

Then the MRTG pm could decode these and call RRD to update the tables with the
interfaces without having to go back to the switch.

Thoughts ?

Henry Steinhauer

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