[mrtg-developers] Newbie - How to develop additional perl scripts using MRTG SNMP libraries

Barry_Young at interliant.com Barry_Young at interliant.com
Mon Dec 31 14:23:05 MET 2001

I've used off-the-shelf MRTG for several years graphing various OIDs, no
complaints, great product and all that !!   However, rather than just
graphing statistics, I would like to extend this to generate some HTML
pages that contain textual OIDs.  For example a list of router/switch
interface details (descr, status, speed etc).

Is there a document/FAQ that could assist me with kicking off writing a
perl script to do this, alternatively could some kind soul provide the
skeleton approach that I would need to take.  I had a look in the contrib
directory for some guidance but didn't see anything of this nature.

I am using MRTG 2.9.17 with ActivePerl 5.6.1 on a W2K platform (yes
apologies to all Unix gurus).  I assume that I would need some basic
"include" statements in my perl script to call the MRTG SNMP libraries.
Then I would need to walk the ifTable and extract the appropriate OIDs
creating and populating the HTML as I go.  Am I close or too far from the
mark to comment?

Sorry if this seems basic to you guys, but I'd really appreciate some

Thanks, regards and a happy new year to all.....

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