[mrtg-developers] Re: Blocking Outages

Garry W. Cook garry at cookbros.net
Sat May 26 05:18:07 MEST 2001

Not sure if my message made it to the list the first time, I think it got
dumped for overquoting. Anywho, I have some new information about my
problem, so hopefully someone can help.

Since switching to a single mrtg daemon process for all 75 of my routers I
have had blocking outages as well. Originally I forked the process into 12
instances, and after experiencing the problem, I have tried forking into 32,
64, and 128 instances and the problem still occured. If I lose a single
router, all of the forks turn into zombie processes and then die off.

Previously, I had the the 75 routers split into 5 different regions, with a
seperate process forking into 4 instances for each region. If two or more
routers went down in a single region, the entire mrtg process for that
region would usually die, causing me to lose all data. Although the process
would survive if I only lost one router.

Today I tried the suggestion about modifying the SNMP retry attempts,
although I could not get the SnmpOptions global parameter to work correctly.
What is the correct configuration for this parameter and has anyone had
success with it? Also, do you think that it would solve my problem? I really
don't want to go back to five seperate processes.

Garry W. Cook
garry at cookbros.net

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