[mrtg-developers] Issues with mrtg behaivour??

robert.harrowfield at axon.co.nz robert.harrowfield at axon.co.nz
Thu Apr 4 01:43:02 MEST 2002

Some of the people on the mrtg mailing list suggested that I send this
problem to this list. Im having an issue with what appears to be a change in
behaivour in mrtg between older versions of mrtg v's newer versions. It
seems to be a rateup issue, but not positive on that.

The issue I am seeing is in the latest rev (2.9.18pre3) and I have also seen
it happen in older revs of 2.9.x. Im using MRTG/rateup. What is happening is
that when a host doesnt respond to an snmp request, it logs a 1 in the log
file and then averages this out, creates large dips in a graph, rather than
flatlining as it used to in older versions (2.8.x) I have had running. This
is especially noticable if you are logging diskspace or similar which
typically has quite a flat line.

I have had a good hunt around on google and in the archives and cant find
anything similar mentioned. Could someone please let me know if this is
considered to be a bug, or is by design, or that I am just screwing up

Copys of logs and cfg files can be provided if reqd.


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