[mrtg-developers] YTicsFactor and Unscaled

Andriy Gapon agapon at excite.com
Thu Jul 11 05:02:56 MEST 2002

Looks like if Unscaled is set for a target then YTicsFactor will be
applied to to measurements while it won't be applied to the vertical axis.
That doesn't seem logical to me i.e. if MaxBytes is 1000 and YTicsFactor
is 0.1, then a graph will show values from 0 to 1000, but data will will
be plotted in the range 0 - 100.

I feel that this should be pretty easy to correct and I can devote some
time to that if somebody can give a hint where to start.


Andriy Gapon
"I don't mind going nowhere as long as it's an interesting path."
                                              (c) Ronald Mabbitt

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