[mrtg-developers] Graph questions

awatthey at mmm.com awatthey at mmm.com
Fri Jun 14 18:32:34 MEST 2002


I'm using MRTG 2.9.17 on Windows NT4.

I have MRTG producing the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs.  The 
config is generated from a PERL script I wrote and I don't think there are 
problems with this.

Can anyone explain why the current week is stated as week 23 in the 
monthly graph when it is really week 24?  Jan 1st was a Tuesday so this 
was week 1 this year.  Everything else looks correct.

Can anyone explain why the single peak on the daily graph has become a 
single peak on the weekly graph?  If the daily peak was a single 5 minute 
reading (which it was) then this should be averaged for the weekly graph 
(over half an hour) so could not be a single peak of exactly the same 
value (which it was).  In fact sometimes I have peaks on the weekly graph 
larger than those on the daily graph.

Does threshold processing work correctly on this level?  I sometimes get 
my thresholds driven with parameters that should not be driving it (eg. 
values less than the minimum).  It even sometimes drives the threshold 
passing a value that cannot possibly be produced (especially the first 
time the config is run).  I run an external command and pass the values 
back via STDOUT (as specified in the manual).

Anyone else seen the above or am I doing something wrong somewhere?


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