[mrtg-developers] Re: Running cfgmaker from a PERL script

Charles Johnson johnson-c at MSSU.EDU
Fri Aug 1 02:19:21 MEST 2003

Thanks to Todd Caine for answering so quickly. I haven't had a chance to
try the adjustment to @command yet. It had been choking on the --global
Options[_]: element. It didn't even occur to me that PERL might be
trying to expand the @ in the last element into an array. (Duh) At least
I assume that must be what's happening? Am I on the right track? 

As to Todd's followup, I guess I can think of this construct
[system(@command)==0 or die ("some error mesg");] as a shorthand
equivilant to an if/else block in C++, if I understand correctly. I'm
kind of new to PERL so I try to think in C/C++ terms as much as I can.
But I am beginning to notice these little time savers scattered about. I
think I could get to like this. There seems to be the potential to pack
a lot of work into a little bit of code once you get the hang of it.

Thanks again. I'll post a followup once I've had a chance to try your

Ed Johnson 
johnson-c at mail.mssc.edu

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