[mrtg-developers] Re: About INET6-1.27

Rafael Martinez Torres rafael.martinez at novagnet.com
Thu Jul 17 16:10:39 MEST 2003

Hi folks:

On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Lorenzo Colitti wrote:

> is the problem an "address family not supported by protocol" error in
> SNMP_Session.pm line 420?
> I'm seeing something like this:

Yes. It is that. I was just to post the list because I want to release the
1.28 in a short time, ... But if you can help me...

In fact , when we patch 1.27 we make some basic changes. In fact, it is
only by a chance that 1.26 worked with MRTG . MRTG invokes

INET6->new (
		LocalAddr => $local_hostname ,
		LocalPort => $local_port ,

as it expected to do: But these values are either "" or undefined , if
I'm not wrong...

The previous 1.26 did not care about that, because he use to make the call

	socket(AF_INET6,$type,$proto) , given $type $proto.

(as its tween IPv4, use to do socket(AF_INET,$type,$proto) ...

but 1.27 checks the info entered by the user with getaddrinfo

	($family, , , , ) = getaddrinfo($str_addr,$port,$family,$type,$flags)

what happens when $str_addr is undef ?
$family is corrupted with "Name or service not valid"

Of course, this is not a "valid family" as your output reports.

So, the bug is detected... Please , we must not to arrange MRTG , it is a
problem for INET6-1.27 .

Sorry, if the MRTG relase is delayed because of me... I try to fix, but
this is not the only fault registered.

I hope to fix in a short time...

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