[mrtg-developers] Re: MRTG 2.10 (fwd)

Simon Leinen simon at limmat.switch.ch
Mon Jun 2 14:51:30 MEST 2003

Rafael Martinez Torres writes:
>> > I call it INET6-1.90 because it is not a rewriting of INET6-1.25 ...
>> That's probably a good idea, but the code still contains:
>> $VERSION = "1.26";

> Yes , I noticed it after posting you.
> Unfortunately before reading you I decided to name again 1.26 .
> Don't worry on this iussue. It's up to me. Uploading into
> www.cpan.org is in progress...

That's great! Once it's on CPAN I'm confident that others (in
particular Debian and the other distribiutions) will pick it up.

A better INET6.pm (and yours is much better than 1.25!) would be very
useful for other efforts too.  Currently it's a pain to develop
IPv6-aware applications in Perl.

As I said, I would suggest that for future versions (1.91, 1.92...)
you keep the $VERSION in-line with the version number you distribute
your package under.

> I have contact wih Masahito Omote and I have been warned at
> www.cpan.org that developer's registering can take three weeks as
> maximum. For the time beeing I have transient problems with the
> registering server . But Masahito agreed the code and was sucessfull
> with its tests.

Good someone else is testing.  Last week I was able to patch Net::DNS
to use your IO::Socket::INET6 to do nameserver requests over IPv6.  So
I tested at least the basic UDP-over-IPv6 mode of operation some more.

While we're waiting for this to get on CPAN, we might consider whether
there are some sensible enhancements to the interface.  For example:

* The ability to specify that *only* IPv6 addresses (or even *only*
  IPv4 addresses) should be used from the getaddrinfo() results.

* The possibility of automatically "downgrading" to an AF_INET socket
  when no AF_INET6 addresses are available for a socket endpoint.

* Interfaces to more "advanced" features of the IPv6 API.  One would
  have to check what is implemented in Socket6.pm (hm, maybe we have
  to take this over, too? :-).

* The ability to work on machines without IPv6 support in the OS.  Of
  course only IPv4 Sockets would work in this situation, but at least
  people might be able to use INET6.pm in all their code without
  having to worry about breaking their applications on non-IPv6
  platforms.  Again, doing this well might involve looking at


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