[mrtg-developers] SNMP_Session v0.96

Lorenzo Colitti lorenzo at colitti.com
Mon Jun 2 18:38:53 MEST 2003

Simon Leinen wrote:
> See my last message for a version of SNMP_Session.pm that works (well)
> with Rafael's INET6.pm (1.26/1.90).

Hi Simon,

I was going to do this too, but I was waiting for Rafael's INET6.pm to 
be uploaded to CPAN before changing the code. I think that's the way it 
should be done.

But I noticed that the SNMP_Session.pm you posted does not contain the 
latest changes to the IPv6 detection code, which take out all the 
runtime eval{} blocks and check the length of sockaddr_in6 at startup.

If you remember, I sent you an initial version of those changes a few 
weeks ago, and the final version was subsequently applied to the 
SNMP_Session in MRTG 2.10.0pre2. I think it would be good if these 
changes were merged into the main SNMP_Session distribution as well, as 
they clean up the IPv6 code a bit and fix at least one bug reported by a 
MRTG user.

If you agree, a diff between the SNMP_Session in MRTG 2.10.0pre1 and the 
one in 2.10.0pre2 is here:


Perhaps it could be applied to the official SNMP_Session (v0.97?), which 
could then be used "as is" by MRTG. What do you think?


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