[mrtg-developers] SNMP_Session 0.96 + IPv6 fixes

Lorenzo Colitti lorenzo at colitti.com
Tue Jun 3 19:56:30 MEST 2003

[Resending this message to the list as the digital signature seems to
have confused Ecartis]


Hi Simon,

I have integrated the IPv6 fixes that were applied between MRTG 
2.10.0pre1 and 2.10.0pre2 into the version of SNMP_Session v0.96 which 
works with Rafael's INET6.pm.

The fixes remove all unnecessary eval{} calls and, as a side effect, fix 
a bug reported against MRTG 2.10.0pre1.

The result (SNMP_Session v0.97) has been tested with cfgmaker and mrtg 
from 2.10.0pre2 using Rafael's INET6.pm and seems to work fine. If you 
like the changes, maybe they could be integrated into the next release 
of SNMP_Session and into the next release of MRTG.


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