[mrtg-developers] Re: INET6 Perl module: what do we do?

Rafael Martinez Torres rafael.martinez at novagnet.com
Thu May 22 17:33:52 MEST 2003

(Excuse the long messge)

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Lorenzo Colitti wrote:

> But we can't fix the bug without, at least, fixing Debian's INET6.pm.
> Perhaps your version of INET6.pm could be distributed with MRTG, but
> would that make sense? Who would maintain it?

It was exactly I would like to propose just today. I think it makes
absolutely sense. Read below.

> I think what MRTG really needs is to have just one INET6 module, that
> could be downloaded from CPAN, that would work the same for everybody,
> and that everybody could fix bugs in. But who would maintain it? And
> where should the code come from? The KAME version from 1999? The Debian
> version? Your version?
YES. The patch in entirely mine. It was a part of my work by porting
MRTG, ...
Well, "mine", you know, it is just rewritting the Graham module for
original INET.pm (that officially distributed with Perl), with the new
IPv6-API provided by Socket6-0.11 Perl module you can download from cpan.
( I think is the same as the one you propose ).

 You can trust it. It's very stable since it is not very complicated. It
is just an object interface , no complicated control code .

(By the way, for commodity reasons, instead of browsing the
mrtg-developers mail-archive, take this transient solution if you
want to download my IPv6 porting code's stuff...)


> Are you in contact with the KAME developers, and if so, do you know if
> they are still working on Perl IPv6 support? Or did you just modify the
> code without contacting them?
	As far as I know, Kame left stand-by the Perl IPv6 porting at
1999. Other people take some idea of this and build-up a separated module
, namely Socket6-0.11, that you can download from CPAN.

Perl-IPv6 support: (CPAN)

I sent the patch to de list of perl5-porters . (Browse the perl5-porters
mail archive, or type "INET6 Rafael Martinez" at www.google.com )

One of the problems to include it at official Perl distribution
(stable.tar.gz, actually 5.8.0 )  is circularity:
	- INET6.pm, to be distributed as a IO::Socket::INET6 standard
module ,  uses the Socket6 module,
and this module its OPTIONAL, as you know you can download from CPAN. This
is absolutely no problem to compile, except if you try to do "make test".
Once you
installed it is safe. ( Read the attaced e-mails )
	-  I claimed for its inclusion , but this list is very active (
40 messages/day ) and in that time I was focusing on migrating MRTG.  I
will get it again in a future. There is a very active developer's stuff I
cannot follow easily, if I'm concentrated at MRTG's iusses.
	- Why not included at perl 5.9.0 ?... Maybe because it is a key
change and they want to include INET6.pm and Socket6.pm at perl-6. This
implies a deep revision I have no time to spent on Perl "fora".

See the tow attached  e-mails  I sent to perl5 list.

> I'm not sure what we should do here. Tobias, Simon, maybe you have some
> thoughts on the matter?

Summing up,

I should include my INET6.pm module inside the  MRTG distribution , at the
same level than the SNMP modules.

Do you agree ?

> > Sorry , even changing to the other address I have the same result: I
> > cannot to confirm your solution . :-|
> Maybe you can try doing a tcpdump to see what was happening?
> Also, if you are running cfgmaker against an snmpd on the same host, be
> sure to use [::1] as the IPv6 address, not the IPv6 address of the
> host's interface, otherwise it won't work. This is the same problem, of
> course...

In progress.

> Regards,
> Lorenzo

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