[mrtg-developers] HELP on Perl:

Rafael Martinez Torres rafael.martinez at novagnet.com
Mon May 26 01:39:56 MEST 2003

Hi all:

One of my problems with mrtg, when litteral address are used, is this:

ERROR: Target[[2001:800:40:2a03:205:1cff:fe00:1df0]_3][_IN_] '3:public@[2001:800:40:2a03:205:1cff:fe00:1df0]:' (warn): (Missing operator before df0?)
ERROR: Target[[2001:800:40:2a03:205:1cff:fe00:1df0]_3][_OUT_] '3:public@[2001:800:40:2a03:205:1cff:fe00:1df0]:' (warn): (Missing operator before df0?)
WARNING: Skipping Update of [2001:800:40:2a03:205:1cff:fe00:1df0]_3, inlast is not defined
WARNING: Skipping Update of [2001:800:40:2a03:205:1cff:fe00:1df0]_3, outlast is not defined

I have spent more than a month on that, and I can not solve: Those implied
in mrtg-2.10pre1 should know about it:

This is caused at around mrtg +403 by the sentence:


It's value at runtime is:


It's trying to evaluate simbolically the given expression, so it crash...

I tried the hack proposed with

	use Math::BigInt;
	my $zero=new Math::BigInt(0);
	$data=eval("\$zero + $$rcfg{$target}{$rou}");

but , in my case ,it does not result. Why is this ?


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