[mrtg-developers] new to mrtg

Ben Chabot bchabot at amninc.net
Wed Nov 12 18:27:04 MET 2003


I'm new to mrtg, and I had a couple questions, I hope you 
don't mind.  I'm wondering how exactly you get mrtg to get 
the cpu and memory states from a piece of equipment.  I saw 
it briefly mentioned in the docs, but did not understand it fully.

Also, I'm curious to know if mrtg (when run as a daemon) can 
trap snmp errors and such coming from routers. (Excuse my bad 
use of terminology, snmp and such is relatively new to me.)  
If not, I'd be interested to know if anyone here has added 
that functionality and or how difficult it would be to do so.

Of course it might do it already.  I read the docs and didn't 
see any trapping mentioned, just periodic polling of 
equipment, but I could have missed it!

Thank you for your time,

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