[mrtg-developers] Timeout on external scripts

Lars Rune Bjørnevik lrb at sysit.com
Fri Oct 3 02:18:23 MEST 2003

We use a lot of external scripts in combinaton with MRTG.

On rare occations, theese scripts seem to "hang" around 
for a long time, giving a lock file error message from MRTG, 
probably due to an error in the script.

Do you know a way to add a timeout in the 
"sub getexternal" routine in ber.pm (in line 1637?):

   open (EXTERNAL , $command."|")
	|| warn "WARNING: Running '$command': $!\n";

There seems too be a default timeout - the loc file will 
disapper after about 1-1.5 hours, but we would like to 
reduce this to about 240 seconds.

Lars Rune Bjørnevik 
+47 21 50 15 02 / +47 907 85 027
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