[mrtg-developers] MRTG 2.10.0 is out

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Sun Sep 7 23:28:16 MEST 2003


I have put mrtg-2.10.0 up on


this release features MANY changes. The most prominent is probably
the support for SNMP via IPv6.

Many other small fixes and enhancements have been introduces. But
see for yourself ...

Changes 2.10.0
From: Simon Leinen <simon at limmat.switch.ch>
* New Version of SNMP Library (0.97)

From: Martin Opitz <xomartin at ti.com>
* allow sci notation numbers

Changes 2.10.0pre9
From: Jon Barber <jon at scorpiocomputing.com>
* new configurables: printrouter and pngdate ... check the docs

From: Jessica Blackburn <jessica.blackburn at acterna.com>
* indexmaker: improve handling of multiple cfg file situation with rrdtool logging

From: Tobi
* allow user and group to be set even when not running as a daemon.

From: "Spain, Jeffry A." <spainj at countryday.net>
* use Math::BigFloat objects with 40 digits of precision
  so that we can handle floats for rrdtool if needs be
* detect if a target is a simple target for simplified handling of uptime and
  router name
* propperly handle \& in targets

Changes 2.10.0pre8
From: Tobi
* handle dead hosts propperly by returning 'empty data' and not just the
  same as in the previous round.
  fixes the stray update error with rrdtool.

From: Eric Einhorn <eric at monmouth.com>
* there are snmp devices which emit bizzar output when their tables get
  walked in the wrong order. Use a fix walking order now. No more
  hanging cfgmaker instances.

Changes 2.10.0pre7
From: Tobi
* Oops configure was broken ...

Changes 2.10.0pre6
From: Tobi
* attempt to restart when hitting a die in daemon mode.

From: "Spain, Jeffry A." <spainj at countryday.net>
* revamped target parser to weed out duplicat polls
* added new 'per target' conversion filter capability

Changes 2.10.0pre5
From: Tobi
* fixed goof in rateup where the wrong long long printf string crept back in

Changes 2.10.0pre4
From: Alex Samorukov <samm at os2.ru>
* OS/2 port

From: Tobi
* Detect 3com VLAN ids
* mrtg should not gethostbyname on numberic ipv4 addresses
* allow empty variables to be set in SetEnv
* make diff routine more conservative in rateup ...
* snmpv2 did not poll HC counters anymore ... fixed

From: Lorenzo Colitti <lorenzo at colitti.com>,
* updated docs on ipv6
* portability fixes for perl 5.00502

From: Brian Lube <blube at mail.fdn.com>
* use $if_snmp_name if $if_title_desc is empty in cfgmaker

From: Dmitry Sivachenko <mitya at cavia.pp.ru>
* fix to rateup where  sizeof(time_t) != sizeof(long)

Changes 2.10.0pre3
From: Andrew A. Vasilyev <andy at demos.su>
* fix for freebsd ... its %qd and not %lld there

From: Simon Leinen <simon at limmat.switch.ch>
      and Lorenzo Colitti <lorenzo at colitti.com>
* updates to SNMP_Session

From:  Gleydson Mazioli da Silva <gleydson.mazioli at ima.sp.gov.br>
* fixes for brazilian translation

Changes 2.10.0pre2

From: bill shamam <bill at continuity.cx>
* contributed a favicon

From: Lorenzo Colitti <lorenzo at colitti.com>,
      Valerio Bontempi <v.bontempi at inwind.it>,
      Roma Tre Computer Networks research group <compunet at dia.uniroma3.it>
* fix for IPv6 support (work with out option settings)
* fix IPv6 module detection

From: Daniel J McDonald <dan.mcdonald at austinenergy.com>
* allow $if_vlan_id in cfgmaker filters

From: imacat <imacat at mail.imacat.idv.tw>
* make --bindir, --libdir, --mandir, etc work

From: Paul Slootman <paul at debian.org>
* removes a couple of silly typo's and the capitalization for weekday and month names
* fix indexmaker to propperly parse description tags which do not have a white space at the end of the line.

Changes 2.10.0pre1
From: Lorenzo Colitti <lorenzo at colitti.com>,
      Valerio Bontempi <v.bontempi at inwind.it>,
      Roma Tre Computer Networks research group <compunet at dia.uniroma3.it>
* IPv6 for mrtg

From: Ryan Finnie <ryan at finnie.org>
* get router name from a dirfferent oid with Routerneme configurable

From: Tobi
* cfgmaker now complains about hosts it can not get info from, but does not die.
* force all counters to be BigInt
* make configure escape to scanf if long long is missing (inspired by marc.elsen at imec.be)

From: Clas Mayer <clas at mayer.se>
* improved swedish translation

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