[mrtg-developers] Retrieve IP adress from SNMP

Eskil Moen eskil at knett.no
Tue Nov 23 16:23:58 MET 2004

Hi. I really know nothing about MRTG, but i figured out this was the best place to ask this.
Me and a couple of friends is having a LAN-party, with 60-70 people. Recently we got 5 megabit internet-line, but we have had problems with viruses, spyware and external filesharing stealing the bandwidth.

Next time, we are going to run MRTG on the network. Our switches support SNMP. 

My question is this:
Can i make MRTG retrieve the MAC adress, or preferably the IP adress that is connected to each port, and put it in the HTML with a variable? If i could, we wont have to physically, go to the switch, and follow the cable to its computer.


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