[mrtg-developers] Ifoutoctets always 0: Workaround??

up high up_high_ at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 20 22:35:03 MEST 2004

Is there a workaround to getting incomin/outgoing bytes, if my device always 
returns ifinoctets and ifoutoctets as 0. Here is a snippet.
Name	                           OID	Syntax	Access	Value
ifIndex	      	Integer	Read Only	1
ifDescr	      	Octet String	Read 
Only	Wireless 802.11G
ifType	      	Integer	Read Only	other(1)
ifMtu	      	Integer	Read Only	2346
ifSpeed	      	Gauge	Read Only	54000000
ifPhysAddress	MAC Address	Read Only	00.0F.3D.AA.83.8E
ifAdminStatus	Integer	Read Write	up(1)
ifOperStatus	Integer	Read Only	up(1)
ifLastChange	TimeTicks	Read Only	0days, 07:55:08
ifInOctets	      	Counter	Read Only	0
ifInUcastPkts	Counter	Read Only	162359
ifInNUcastPkts	Counter	Read Only	1208
ifInDiscards	      	Counter	Read Only	0
ifInErrors	      	Counter	Read Only	897428
ifInUnknownProtos	Counter	Read Only	0
ifOutOctets	Counter	Read Only	0
ifOutUcastPkts	Counter	Read Only	115651
ifOutNUcastPkts	Counter	Read Only	110525
ifOutDiscards	Counter	Read Only	0
ifOutErrors	      	Counter	Read Only	497
ifOutQLen	      	Gauge	Read Only	0
ifSpecific	      	Object ID	Read Only	0.0

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