[mrtg-developers] SNMP ifInOctets and IfOutOctets

madan kumar madan.kumar at tlisoftware.com
Tue Sep 21 08:00:15 MEST 2004

 Dear All,
  I have a question on SNMP but I think some one on this list can help me

 I am developing an app something similar to MRTG, I need to monitor a
 and get the number of bits sent and recieved over a period. I use
 and ifOutOctets of MIB-II to fetch this info from the SNMP server. There
 lots of routers and switches which have 32 bit counters and I query them
 over a period of 5 min to fetch these values. However if these lines are
 fast the counters roll over i.e they reach the max value 2^32 and then
 back to 0 and so on. If rollover happens only once within the 5 min
 duration, I can calculate the bytes sent/recieved but if it occurs more
 once during this 5 min period, how does MRTG handle this situation.
I know my switch doesn't support 64 bit counters such as ifHCInOctets and

 Any hints or leads would be helpful.

 Best Regards

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