[mrtg-developers] cfgmaker patch for Foundry switches and --no-down

Steve Bonds 388rzvl02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Feb 10 23:59:29 MET 2005

MRTG Developers:
While using cfgmaker to build a configuration for some Foundry
ServerIron load balancers, I found that Foundry seems to set the speed
to 0 for interfaces which are down.  Normally this isn't a problem
since the downed interfaces would be skipped.  However, I was using
--no-down to include all interfaces so if/when something is connected
it gets monitored.

After kluging my way around the problem, I decided that it wouldn't be
all that hard to provide a fix for cfgmaker that wouldn't break any
previous function.  To that end I've come up with the
"--zero-speed=<speed>" patch, which is attached.  This patch does two

1) Adds the above --zero-speed option
2) Adds an additional debug target "snpd" to show details of the SNMP
values received

The --zero-speed option simply sets all interfaces that return a speed
of zero to the speed provided (e.g. 100000000).  It does this before
any of the existing cfgmaker logic to avoid zero-speed interfaces on
various platforms.

The snpd debug target was added simply to help diagnose the values
that were being returned for ifSpeed.  It's not enabled by default so
its existence shouldn't cause any problems.

Would you take a look and see if you think this would be useful to
include this patch in the main MRTG distribution?


  -- Steve Bonds

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-- URL : http://www.ee.ethz.ch/~slist/p/mrtg-cfgmaker-zero-speed.patch

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