[mrtg-developers] XZoom and YZoom Not Used in MRTG

imacat imacat at mail.imacat.idv.tw
Thu Jun 14 15:38:48 CEST 2007

Dear all,

    Hi.  This is imacat from Taiwan.  I'm new to this list.  I found
that XZoom and YZoom are not used in MRTG at all.

    Today one of my friends asked me a question:  What does XZoom and
YZoom do? Reading the documentation I could not get a clue on this, too. 
Later on I made some experiments and found that they do not produce any
visible effects.  They I try reading the mrtg script.  I found that they
are used to calculate $gifw and $gifh, but both $gifw and $gifh are not
used at all.

    In other words, XZoom and YZoom are not used at all.

    I tried to look into older MRTG released.  I found that they were
used before 2.12 to set the HTML image size.  But after 2.12 introduced
XHTML-comforming HTML output, no HTML image size are there anymore and
hence XZoom and YZoom become unused variables at all.  But this is not
stated anywhere in the MRTG documents.  mrtg-reference still says that
XZoom and YZoom will enlarge the pixels.

    Should this be fixed in the MRTG documents, stating that XZoom and
YZoom are unused now and are only kept for compatibility?  This can
prevent users from documentation confusion.

Best regards,
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