[mrtg-developers] Idea for alternative MRTG scheduler

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Fri Dec 17 08:23:12 CET 2010

Hi Steve,

Yesterday Steve Shipway wrote:

> Here's an idea.
> Currently, MRTG will process all Targets until there are none
> left, using up all the available threads, and then sleep until
> the next polling cycle.
> This can be problematic if you configure more targets, or there
> is an outage, and suddenly you do not have enough threads to
> process everything in the 5min window.  Also, it results in a
> large burst of activity at the start of the window followed by
> silence.
> So, how about this - MRTG already knows how many targets there
> are, and the interval.  It calculates x=(interval/#targets)x0.9
> (the 0.9 is to allow time for the final checks to complete) and
> then kicks off a new Target to process every x seconds, starting
> a new thread if required (possibly up to a specified upper
> limit).  This would possibly end up with each thread processing a
> single target and then exiting, with the master starting a new
> thread per Target.
> I think this may be how the Nagios check scheduler works?  It
> would certainly solve the problems of (a) uneven CPU usage and
> (b) running out of window time when you add more targets but not
> more threads.  The drawback is that, of course, you need to have
> sufficient CPU/memory to handle the potentially large number of
> threads that could result.

I agree scheduling could be improved. Your aproach asumes an even
delay with all targets I guess ... so if there is a slow target at
a late stage of the spread out polling activity it would not have
enough time to complete unless every target is run acynchronously
causing a large horde of processes or threads.

The motivation for your suggesting seems to be to not overwhelm
devices or networks with intense polling, so I guess one aproach
would be to implement some sort of polling rate limit which makes
sure mrtg does not 'kill' anyone by being to hasty.

> Since Tobi is currently in a coding mood, I thought it best to
> get the suggestions in quick :)

I only processe the mrtg backling ... no clever new stuff from my
end ... and I am intending todo the same for rrdtool now ... and
then publish 1.4.5.

a bugtracker with a backlog is such a sad thing ...


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