[mrtg] Re: Multiple mail messages - lock file?

Chris Caswell chris at ncren.net
Thu Aug 5 20:05:34 MEST 1999

Thanks, the obvious is usually the hardest to spot. :-)
There was a change made to the cron configs the other day, although the
messages didn't stop when the change was undone. The system went through a
reboot today for a UPS upgrade and seems to be ok now.

Again, thanks for the reply.


Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

> > All,
> >     I have been successfully running MRTG version 2.7.3 for about 2
> > months now on Digital Unix. The other night, I started receiving mail
> > messages every 5 minutes indicating a problem with the cron job. The
> > message read:
> >
> > ERROR: I guess another mrtg is running. A lockfile
> > (/data/applications/MRTG/mrtg.cfg_l) aged
> > 1 seconds is hanging around. If you are sure that no other mrtg
> > is running you can remove the lockfile
> >
> > There is only one instance of MRTG, it polls only 4 interfaces (all
> > local) and when I run mrtg  from the command line it takes about 4
> > seconds. The lock file referred to never seems to be there, and data
> > appears to be updating.
> >
> First the obvious: Did you (or a coworker) change anything ?
> Check the cron log to see if the job gets started twice.
> Check the crontab file for the same
> When you start the file manually, the lock file is there. It goes away
> when the job finished so that's okay.
> The lockfile is 1 second old, so it really looks if the job gets fired
> twice, try (mrtg mrtg.cfg & mrtg mrtg.cfg) for similar failure.
> Regards,
> Alex

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