[mrtg] squid

Brad Forschinger bradf at mega.net.au
Sat Aug 7 16:13:10 MEST 1999

i'm logging client request (overall) vs client request (hits) with squid. i 
can't use the standard method. the "gauge" option is no good because that
just gets higher and higher. the "absolute" option is okay, but the timing is
wrong.. the value needs to be divided by 5*60. is there an option for this?
i'd like to use the "dorelpercent" option too, but it logs IN vs OUT, i need
to do OUT vs IN.. otherwise the percent is up around 300%.

you can see the page at http://www.mega.net.au/~bradf/stats/squid.html. you
can see the value like "current in: 1449.0 B/s" is wrong, it should be more
like "current in: 4.83 B/s"

here's the config:
WorkDir: /home/bradf/public_html/stats/
Target[squid]: cacheClientHttpRequests&cacheHttpHits:public at proxy:3401
Title[squid]: req vs hits
PageTop[squid]: req vs hits
MaxBytes[squid]: 1000000
Options[squid]: noinfo, transparent, absolute, nopercent

Brad Forschinger <bradf at mega.net.au>

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