[mrtg] MRTG and IBM2210

Nagy Attila bra at insomnia.rulez.org
Sun Aug 8 22:25:38 MEST 1999


I'm still in problem with finding out the symbolic names from specific
MIBs so please help me.

I'm monitoring our IBM 2210 router with MRTG (traffic analysis), but now i
have to access to the router's environment and memory informations too.
These informations have MIB files, but i can't figure out which SNMP
variables should i specify to MRTG.
So one of the MIB files can be accessible at:

>From this MIB i want to monitor the proCurrentTemp variable, but what
should i give to MRTG?
I'm using a 2.8.x version and the above MIB could successfully loaded into
MRTG but i cannot access the wanted info.

Can somebody help?

ps: my big question is: if i get a specific MIB how can i figure out the
variable names which i can give MRTG to monitor them?

Thanks in advance!

Attila Nagy         \  Phone: (361)-210-1415/194
System Administrator  \ 
Kalman Kando Technical  \ iRC: bra on iRCNET
College Budapest, Hungary \ Info: 'finger bra at ns.insomnia.rulez.org'

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