[mrtg] Re: NT & Disk Usage

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Mon Aug 9 21:22:26 MEST 1999

> I have been monitoring NT disk space for sometime now without any
> problems until this one. I plugged in a RAID drive which my NT System
> sees as the D drive and I have my OS and other stuff on the C Drive.
> problem I am having is that I seem to be only able to do snmp polls on
> the C Drive, I am using the SNMP OID's as below :
> .   C Drive
> .   D Drive
> I shouldnt think that the RAID matters because NT sees it as one big
> drive so I am not sure why my SNMP polls on the D Drive doesnt work.
> Can anyone shed some light into this?
I'll assume that you have added a new controller to support this RAID
subsystem. Therfore the two entries of 48 should be changed to 49 for a
new drive on the same controller. I would assume that the 58 needs to be
changed to 59 for a different controller. The 67 to 68 is changed for
the second drive on a single controller. If you have the NT resource kit
use snmputil to do a walk of this particular tree to determine the exact
settings. All of the boxes I have right now have a single controller
with 2 physical drives, giving me 600GB of space total across 3 drive

David C Prall, MCSE MCNE                                            DCP
dcp at dcptech.com
Alexandria, VA
dcppage at dcptech.com

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