[mrtg] Re: mrtg-dynip updates?

John Heenan john at heenan.ironbark.id.au
Fri Aug 13 11:57:21 MEST 1999

Hi Aram

Thank you for your email.

Regrettably mrtg-dynip has not been extended recently.

I am happy to add a web based interface tool.

Please let me know if this is particularly urgent.


-----Original Message-----
From: Aram Mirzadeh <awm at cv.net>
To: john at heenan.ironbark.id.au <john at heenan.ironbark.id.au>
Date: Thursday, 12 August 1999 20:50
Subject: mrtg-dynip updates?

>I found a copy of your mrtg-dynip package with mrtg.   I'm looking for a
>basic program that will track the IP back to an interface, rather than an
>interface byitself. 
>We're moving over 200+ interfaces around and I rather not do a config each
>time we move something. 
>Has there been any further work done on mrtg-dynip?  Do you have any more
>documentation on it? 
>I greatly appreciate any pointers you can give me. 

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