[mrtg] How Do They Do It ??

Javier Tan javier_tan at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 13 03:06:34 MEST 1999

Hi all,

I've been using MRTG for months now, but I have not really figured out how 
it converts data into the correct units that you what it to display.

Let me run you through here........For example,if I'm running several ATM 
switches and I want MRTG to graph & display it in bits. I just have to 
specify the parameter in the "Options[_]:"( as mentioned in the config.txt 
that comes together with MRTG ). But How does it do the job of converting 
the "Octets" or even "Cells" which is in the case of ATM ??

Since 1 cell= 53 Bytes, I would presume that it does this :
( P = Amount of traffic on the switch in "Cells" )

Traffic in bits = P x 53 x 8

I'm a greenie to PERL, so that explains why I can't figure out the part of 
the Code which does the conversion.

Hope you guys could enlighten me on this.

Please pardon my ignorance.

Thanks a Million !!!

Javier Tan
Network Support Team

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