[mrtg] Local Director

Matt Connley MConnley at GiantStep.com
Fri Aug 13 19:36:09 MEST 1999

Hey all,

We're running version 3.13 of the Cisco Local Director, having just upgraded
from 3.11.  For some reason, now when I walk the LD, it doesn't return any
strings.  However, when I use GetIf, I can retrieve the SysName, SysContact,
etc. but nothing else.  I'm wondering if perhaps the OID's on Cisco's site
(http://www.cisco.com/public/mibs) aren't updated for the newer version.  If
anyone has had any success with using MRTG to monitor the total number of
real and virtual sessions, please let me know.  

Matt Connley
Hosting Operations Coordinator
Giant Step Productions
p.	312.385.2828
vm.	312.385.2691

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