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Brad Johns brad.johns at tenauto.com
Mon Aug 16 17:22:34 MEST 1999

It is possible to call it more often, but you have to modify the mrtg
program itself. After some VERY carefull searching, I am able to get mine to
run in 1 minute intervals. This works great for my mrtg-ping-probe stats,
and then I run the original program every 5 minutes for router stats. I have
attached the modified program that runs every 1 minute. Then, just adjust
you cron to run every minute, and you're all set.
brad.johns at tenauto.com

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> I would like to call mrtg less than every five minutes, but when I put in
an interval of less than five, it complains and says I have to use greater
than five.  Does this mean it is impossible to call it more often?  Will the
data be inaccurate if I call it more often with a cron, but leave the
default setting in the mrtg.cfg file?  Any suggestions?
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