[mrtg] Re: AS5200 question.

Knut A. Syed Knut.Syed at nhh.no
Mon Aug 16 18:10:08 MEST 1999

"Landa, Brian" <Landa at trendcs.com> writes:

> I have 4 AS5200 cisco dialin's, I run the config maker and get the config
> with no problem, but it have about 52 interfaces on each dialin. Is their a
> way to monitor AS5200 with out having to monitor all 52 interfaces, that is
> a total over 200 interfaces? what do you recommend?

Something like this:


I use the following OIDs: cpmISDNCfgBChanInUseForAnalog cpmISDNCfgBChannelsInUse

Please note the following:

# "ciscoExperiment provides a root object identifier from which
# experimental mibs may be temporarily based.  mibs are typicially based
# here if they fall in one of two categories
# 1) are IETF work-in-process mibs which have not been assigned a
# permanent object identifier by the IANA.
# 2) are cisco work-in-process which has not been assigned a permanent
# object identifier by the cisco assigned number authority, typicially
# because the mib is not ready for deployment.
# NOTE WELL: support for mibs in the ciscoExperiment subtree will be
# deleted when a permanent object identifier assignment is made."


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