[mrtg] Re: [between the brackets]

K Mitchell mitch at keyconn.net
Mon Aug 16 20:48:28 MEST 1999

At 02:35 PM 8/16/99 -0400, AS108 at daimlerchrysler.com wrote:
>To all,
>When I say:
>     Target[rtr***01.2]: 2:public at rtr***01
>The .2 between the brackets doesn't mean anything right?, mrtg just uses
it to
>save files right?.....or does this number HAVE to be the router interface
>number?  Does it just default to the router interface number?
>Reason I ask is that I'm breaking up interfaces to their DLCI numbers and
>reporting on each DLCI.  But I'm not sure if I can stick everything in one

The value within the brackets is simply the name of the html file that will
be created by this particular configuration entry. Make sure that each line
within the entry has the exact same value, or MRTG will hang.

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