[mrtg] Re: MRTG-2.8.6 INSTALL

Yozo Toda yozo at aohakobe.ipc.chiba-u.ac.jp
Wed Aug 18 05:08:14 MEST 1999

> I want  to install mrtg-2.8.6 on solaris 2.6 system.
>  I installed gd-1.6.3, libpng-1.0.3 and zlib-1.1.3 but when I try to
> install MRTG with makefile'./configure', I get the message:
> ./configure --prefix=/home/mrtg/usr --libdir=/home/mrtg/usr/lib
> --includedir=/home/mrtg/usr/include
> --oldincludedir=/home/mrtg/usr/include --with-gd-lib=/home/mrtg/usr/lib
> --with-gd-inc=/home/mrtg/usr/include
> --with-z-lib=/home/mrtg/usr/lib --with-z-inc=/home/mrtg/usr/include
> --with-png-lib=/home/mrtg/usr/lib --with-png-inc=/home/mrtg/usr/include

maybe you can use a little shorter command line (-:

  ./configure --prefix=/home/mrtg/usr \
              --with-gd-lib=/home/mrtg/usr/lib \
              --with-gd-inc=/home/mrtg/usr/include \
              --with-z-lib=/home/mrtg/usr/lib \
              --with-z-inc=/home/mrtg/usr/include \
              --with-png-lib=/home/mrtg/usr/lib \
              --with-png-inc=/home/mrtg/usr/include \

(I suppose --libdir, --includedir and --oldincludedir are not necessary
 in this case.)

> checking for gdImageGif in -lgd... no
> checking for gdImagePng in -lgd... no

gdImageGif() and gdImagePng() not found, or libgd not found.
check again if libgd.so or libgd.a really exist!

> Could it be result of the use of "cc compiler" instead of "gcc" (that I
> don't have)???

if you have spare time and disk space,
another workaround is installing gcc...

-- yozo.

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