[mrtg] Re: getting 2.8.6 to work

Frederic.NOEL frederic.noel at vx.cit.alcatel.fr
Wed Aug 18 18:07:57 MEST 1999


>  SO, this is where I'm at.  I've got everything installed,...
> I'm trying to do the 'make test' for libpng and I get these errors:

At your state, only zlib needs to be installed.
The order of the installations is the following:
1 -> zlib,      (./configure, make test, make install)
2 -> libpng,  (make test, make install)
3 -> gdlib,    (./configure, make, make check, make install)
 4 -> mrtg-2.8.6.
did you try it that order?

For installing libpng, you have to choose the right makefile according to your
are you sure of the choice you made?
What's the system you're working on?

You wrote in your makefile:
> ZLIBLIB=/opt/zlib-1.1.3
> ZLIBINC=/opt/zlib-1.1.3

it means that zlib.a (and possibly zlib.so if you did "./configure -s" for zlib)
and zlib.h are both in /opt/zlib-1.1.3. Is it the case??
if not, give the right path.
Normally, zlib.a (and zlib.so) are located in a "lib/" directory ("/usr/lib" or
something else)
and zlib.h in an "include/"directory ("/usr/include" for example).
In your case it may be /opt/lib and /opt/include if you're not root.

In the case we're working on the same system,
replace theses three lines of your makefile:
> CFLAGS=-I$(ZLIBINC) -O -Ae +DA1.1 +DS2.0
> CCFLAGS=-I$(ZLIBINC) -O -Ae +DA1.1 +DS2.0
> LDFLAGS=-L. -L$(ZLIBLIB) -lpng -lz -lm

by this two lines that I picked up in my makefile:
LDFLAGS=-L. -L$(ZLIBLIB) -lpng -lz -lm

and try make... :-)

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