[mrtg] Re: Leased Line Over-Utilized?

Graeme Fowler G.E.Fowler at lboro.ac.uk
Thu Aug 19 10:58:23 MEST 1999


On 19-Aug-99 Liu, you wrote:
> Hi All,
> Two of our 512K leased lines are apparently over-utilized; According
> to MRTG it often burst up to the double. All other leased lines are
> okay. Have anyone seen this before?

Yup. Check with your leased line provider about the capacity to 'burst'
data - quite often they say a line is 64/128/256/512 Kb/s with a
facility to 'burst' up to double the capacity for a percentage of the
time it is running. Provided your bursts don't exceed that percentage
it'll just keep on happening... which is nice :-)


Graeme Fowler
Network Officer, Infrastructure & Networks Group
Loughborough University Computing Services

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