[mrtg] Re: The Math

Butch Kemper kemper at bihs.net
Thu Aug 19 20:10:27 MEST 1999

At 11:47 AM 8/19/99 , you wrote:
>Yes, I'm new to MRTG. And I don't understand the math.
>100Mbps interface
>snmpd.conf on (Linux) box shows:
>## specify type and speed of interfaces:
>## if the last char is an asterisk, any suffix will match.
>## (feel free to add more)
>interface:      lo*     24      20000000
>interface:      dummy*   1      10000000
>interface:      eth*     6      10000000
>./cfgmaker creates MaxBytes[myserver.com.2]: 1250000. Since I know this is
>a 100Mbps interface, I set my.cfg as:
>Target[myserver.com.2]: 2:boogers at myserver.com
>MaxBytes[myserver.com.2]: 12500000
>kilo[myserver.com.2]: 1024
>Title[myserver.com.2]: myserver.com: eth0
>I have toggled:
>Options[myserver.com.2]: absolute
>Options[myserver.com.2]: gauge
>No matter what I do, the math just don't work. MRTG reports (default)
>values as kB/s although I see data moving at rates in mB/s. In other words,
>data transfers which are observed at 4mB/s are plotted at 800 kB/s
>(approximate values).

You are mixing bits and bytes:  4Mb = 500KB

So, 12,500,000 Bytes/second = 100,000,000 bits/second

Read about the "Bits" parameter on the Options statement.


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