[mrtg] Re: RO Router cfg files

Martin Ansdell-Smith mas at ansdell.demon.co.uk
Fri Aug 20 12:29:10 MEST 1999

On Thu, 19 Aug 1999, James Smith wrote:

> Im tring to monitor a cisco 4500.. annd the RO community has a password on
> it.. how do I get around this.. Thanks in advance...

The password is actually the SNMP community string and you specify it on
the mrtg cfg Target line. 

e.g. on router foo,

snmp-server community fred RO

  would need

Target[foo.e0]: 1:fred at foo

  to monitor traffic on the port using SNMP index 1 and save it to files
called foo.e0. ....

If you don't know the community name then you should ask the administrator
of the router for it. They may not want to give it to you :-(
The other problem can come if an access-list has been put on the
snmp-server community you want to use. Again the router administrator
would have to consent to access from yopur host and make the necessary


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