[mrtg] Re: Problem with AS5200 mib set

Kevin Sheard kevin.sheard at kingston-internet.net
Fri Aug 20 17:32:23 MEST 1999


Try .

I'm not sure why there is a dot (.) at the start, but this is how I saw the mib
and it seems to work (active modems/inactive modems) on a 5300.

Perhaps the first dot is ignored, anyway>



"Landa, Brian" wrote:

> Does anyone have the MIB set for the lines/modems usage this is what I have.
> It does not work, the AS5200 have ver  IOS 11.3 if that helps with 48 asyn
> ports .I went to the Cisco site and went to ftp.cisco.com and looked to see
> if their was a mib set for this. I could not find one.
> Target[AS500]:
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