[mrtg] Re: Possible to change the day gif?

K Mitchell mitch at keyconn.net
Fri Aug 20 23:02:38 MEST 1999

At 09:50 AM 8/20/99 +0200, Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Dobrig wrote:
>I want to change the day gif from 34 hours to only 4 or 6.
>Normal you can see more than one day of collected data, I want to see only
>the last for or six hours. The reason is backup traffic with 800 KByte/sec
>and the normal traffic is on 20 KByte/sec average.
>>From the normal working traffic I see nothing today.
>I have a deep look inside the documentation, but no idea in which way I can
>change the gif.
>anybody this idea or done it?

Add the following to your mrtg.cfg entries;
Xsize[filename]: 600
Ysize[filename]: 200
200 and 600 will make larger-than-standard gif's, try something like 75/25.
It will change all of the graphs though, I'm not aware of any way to single
out one particular graphic. Perhaps you could run dual instances on the
same target, one with each size graph, then create a 3rd page that draws
the shortened day-gif and the normal week, month, year-gif's

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